Progressive Slot Machines

When playing the progressive slot machines, the players get the pay out for a win only if the maximum coins are wagered. In most of the plays, this is not possible and as such most of the casinos have adopted a different strategy of paying the players for every coin that was used. The smaller progressive slot machines give the players a bigger chance for getting the wins for the cons that they play with. This is why more and more players throng these slot machines. Here let us discuss about Vegas technologyÂ's payouts.

A unique slots bonus can be obtained at casino portal! Go to the casino en ligne francais website! First of all, let us discuss how the games by Vegas Technology operate. The Progressive slots come with just one payline. One coin denomination is used for playing this slot. The players can bet about three coins. The player wins when symbols come across paylines. It is the online casinos that decide on the symbols. Though the players can play at the progressive slot machines with one or two or three coins, the win depends on the amount that has been wagered. And in the case, the maximum is three and the players just play one or two coins, he just gets a partial payout of the whole amount. For example a player might get five percent for one coin or ten percent for two coins.

Another thing that could be frustrating to the players is that one can see fluctuation in the jackpot amounts when partial payouts happen. Suppose, a progressive that worth 500,000 dollars a day could drop to 350,000 dollars the next day even if major jackpots had not be paid out.

But in any case, the players who are not able to play the maximum coins at progressive slot machines is very much thrilled when he gets partial payouts. Even if they cannot make any high progressive wins, they at least get some wins by wagering small coins. It is not that all players would be interested in wagering the maximum coins. But they prefer to wager one or two coins and get partial benefits. The Red, White and Win slot games are a type of this slot game that has been developed by Vegas technology.